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Weald Community Fridge – food distribution

Following the closure of cafes, bars and restaurants, we have quite a lot of baked goods, filled rolls, dairy products and other goodies to distribute. Because of social distancing we have a very clear set of procedures to follow. We’ll be giving food away – to Weald allotment holders only – tomorrow from 10:00 to 12:00 and then again on Monday 10:00 to 12:00 or whenever the bags run out, whichever is the sooner.

We will be operating a closed gate system, so only Weald allotment holders with keys can access the food purely for social distancing reasons, and also we’ll be bagging the food and handing it out rather than letting you go through the fridge and choose what you want. We have a certain amount of vegan produce, which we’re bagging separately so please let us know if you want a vegan bag. It will be one person at a time in the kitchen, to avoid people coming into close contact – please bear with us as we come to terms with the new conditions under which we’ll be operating.

— If you would like a food bag, please come along around 10am and be prepared to queue for a bit.

— If you don’t need a food bag, great, but please consider whether you have an elderly or self-isolating neighbour who might appreciate a few bits of food and take one home for them.

— If you have fresh fruit or vegetables you would like to donate to the community fridge, please wash and trim them and bring them along and we’ll add them to the bags as we go.

Above all, thank you for supporting the community fridge. We had no idea when we started this how rapidly it would become a reality, or how much the world would change around us. It’s been quite a roller coaster!


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