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BHOGG & Weald Plant Sale

We’re delighted to announce that we’re going to be holding the first (and hopefully last) ever Social Distancing Plant Sale on Sunday 24 May. This is the plant sale that BHOGG usually hold annually but for obvious reasons can’t do in the usual way this year.

We’ll be using the Memorial Garden for the sale, and plants will be hosted on two tables – one for BHOGG and one for Weald. We’ll allow a couple of people into the garden at a time to choose plants (please wear gloves) and then they will go to the shop to pay for their plants by contactless. NO CASH PLEASE!

The sale will take place from 10.00 to 13.00. Plants will cost 50 pence for little ones and £1.00 for larger ones.

If you have spare plants that you’d like to drop off, please bring them to the Memorial Garden on Saturday 23 May. The better you can label them, the more likely they are to sell and if you’re not a BHOGG member, please put your plants on the Weald table.

You’re welcome to come back to the Memorial Garden after 13.00 on Sunday 24th to collect any plants that you donated which haven’t sold.

100% of the Weald sales will go to the building fund and 70% of the BHOGG sales will go to BHOGG, with Weald putting the remaining 30% into our building fund. If you come down for the sale, please take a look at the outside of the Pavilion Building (that’s the official name of the shop) because it’s definitely falling apart at the seams and will need some substantial investments of time and money this year, if we’re to be able to continue to use the space!


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  1. This is lovely, I am so glad and it gives me the incentive I need to repot all those crowded seedlings I have. I am looking forward to seeing some of you lovely lot in the queue.
    Cheers from Saskia


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