Weald Community Food Centre – update

Wow, well things are still moving fast here at the Weald! Along with our wonderful new Bread Shed, we’ve just been granted a further £1,000 funding which we will use to continue to provide food throughout the winter and into 2021 – it allows us to make some contingency plans in case we end up in a COVID-19 Phase 2, such as buying a sturdy gazebo to allow us to distribute food outdoors if we do end up having to close the kitchen, and a polytunnel to raise crops reliably and continue our ‘mini allotment’ delivery scheme throughout the colder months.

We’ve also had to revisit our plans for Soup Sunday. This part of our work was due to begin in September, but because we have funding to buy proper kitchen units, and because we need to redesign the project to take account of COVID-19 restrictions, it won’t now start until November, but we do hope to be providing a wonderful vegetarian soup every month from November to April. It will be a donation only process – we invite our allotment-holders to bring a mug to be filled and pay what they think the mug is worth, and it’s completely free to anybody over 65, as the purpose of this project is to offer older people (especially those who live alone) an opportunity to enjoy some hot food and a bit of company. If necessary, we’ll do Soup Sunday from the gazebo too, so watch this space!

It’s been an astonishing six months for our project, with as many plot twists and surprises as a thriller novel. Thanks to a great bunch of dedicated volunteers, we’ve managed to meet every challenge thrown at us, and to keep supplying great quality food to our allotment-holders, our local community, and people across Brighton and Hove who are most at need of fresh fruit and vegetables because of health needs. If you’d like to help the Weald Community Food Project through the next six months, please email wealdallotments@gmail.com to find out what else we’ve got planned for the future!

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