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Weald community fridge – 2020

It’s a good time to look back on our successes.

We’ve had an amazing partnership with Tesco, Coop and Waitrose, who’ve supplied us with surplus food throughout the year. In addition, we were a Waitrose local charity in December, and were given a cheque for £330 to help fund our work in future.

Since March 2020, without a single week’s break, we’ve delivered food around our city. Since July we’ve also opened the Community Fridge to the public on Thursdays. We had two successful Soup Sundays until we entered Tier 4. Our foragers, fridge heroes, drivers and soup dragons have given up their time to help make this work. The food donated by allotment holders helps feed people in Brighton and Hove on special diets, or with life-threatening conditions, who can’t stay healthy without the wonderful fruit and veg you bring to the fridge. Above all we’ve given out enough food to make 24,998 meals in 2020 … thank you to everybody who’s made this happen.


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