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Weald welcomes …

Welcome to all the new volunteers this month! Jo and Theo have joined us as Foragers, collecting food from the supermarkets on Wednesday evening, Jedda is one of our Sunday driving team and Rosamund has come on board as a Thursday Fridge Hero.

Weald also welcomes your amazing food donations! The people who collect food from us on Thursdays and to whom we deliver on Sundays really value the fresh fruit and vegetables that allotment holders donate. In fact we deliver to two households who can only eat fruit and veg because they have special dietary needs and for them, your donations make the difference between a boring week of carrots and spuds and a rich diet of varied and exciting ingredients.

Weald still needs a Saturday night Forager to collect food from the Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets in Hove and deliver it back to the Weald Shop. You’d be working with an experienced Forager and you’d need to be at the first supermarket at 20.45, then drive to the second before returning to Weald, so it needs somebody who’s got a car and space to pick up boxes and boxes of food, and who’s comfortable driving at night. We pay petrol expenses. If you’re interested, please email


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