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Weald Community Fridge – another thank you

Recently we heard from another person who’s shielding and who receives a bag of food via a Weald allotment-holder:

“Thanks a heap for goodies. All will go into nice recipes. The bag of vegetables made a hearty soup, enough for 3 days. Lasagne – Half yesterday, other half today. Delicious. Lucky me. I have plans for spuds and artichokes – thanks for all of it.”

Photo by Navada Ra from Pexels

It can be easy to forget how important a few fresh items are for others, after all, we’re in the hungry gap and don’t have a huge amount on our allotments, let alone food to give away. But a bunch of fresh herbs, a few Jerusalem artichokes or a handful of chard leaves can make all the difference to somebody who’s stuck at home with a limited diet and not much to look forward to.

You can donate allotment-grown crops on Saturday11:00-14:00 in the crate at the Memorial Garden or on Thursday 10:00-13:00 when the crate is outside the allotment shop itself. Everything you give us improves the life of somebody in our city.


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