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Weald’s wonderful bread shed revisited

Way back at the beginning of the first lockdown, Andy made us a bread shed so we could continue to offer food. Over the months it’s taken a bit of a battering, so when we were given some funding by AkzoNobel, our first thought was to make our bread shed more robust, and more hygienic.

We thought hard about the design, and decided to make the shed longer and narrower, and to give it a sloping roof to stop the water pooling on top. Because our funding came from AkzoNobel, the parent company of Dulux, colour was also going to be an important consideration too.

We also knew it had to be ready before the next Weald event on 5 December, so this week, Tony set to work to create a new bread shed from scratch in three days. And here it is – the new, improved bread shed, showing its true colours! Thanks to AkzoNobel for the funding and to Tony for designing, making and painting the whole thing.


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