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Community Fridge new offerings …

Thanks to the amazing support of the RSPCA, we can now offer dog and cat food to people who visit the community fridge on a Thursday – so please feel free to mention if you have a pet that you’re struggling to feed. We also have our toy-box for little children, so if you’re collecting… Continue reading Community Fridge new offerings …

Weald Community Fridge success story

Before we get into some good news – would anybody like these lovely house-shaped shelves, donated by one of Weald’s fantastic volunteers last year? They’ve been a valuable part of our work, but our new stainless steel shelving is about to arrive and we need a new home for the white ones. The wooden ones… Continue reading Weald Community Fridge success story

Free paving …

There are about forty of these paving slabs available to an allotment holder who wants to collect them. The person who’s getting rid of them is on Nevill Avenue, close to the Nevill allotment gate. If you’re interested please email and we’ll put you in touch!

Weald Community Fridge – the mini-allotments

Many of the people who’ve been receiving food bags from us have told us that they wanted to start growing their own food too. Sadly, COVID-19 means that the council have had to put lettings and inspections on hold, so nobody is getting a new allotment anytime soon. That didn’t seem good enough to us,… Continue reading Weald Community Fridge – the mini-allotments

Weald Community Fridge – our unexpected first day!

When I showed up today with forty pre-packed bags of food, I didn’t know if anybody was going to come in and collect them or if I’d end the day taking them all back home and then disposing of them. Each bag contained some fruit and a couple of bakery items; I also had several… Continue reading Weald Community Fridge – our unexpected first day!

Weald Community Fridge – food distribution

Following the closure of cafes, bars and restaurants, we have quite a lot of baked goods, filled rolls, dairy products and other goodies to distribute. Because of social distancing we have a very clear set of procedures to follow. We’ll be giving food away – to Weald allotment holders only – tomorrow from 10:00 to… Continue reading Weald Community Fridge – food distribution