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More Weald bargains!

Five litres of sprayable/paintable Cuprinol wood treatment – ideal for getting your shed in shape for winter! Retails at £19.99 and while stocks last we’re selling it for just £4.50. We have three in Forest Green, three in Autumn Brown and eight in Forest Oak … come down and grab a bargain!


We all know there’s nothing nicer than getting to the allotment just as somebody else is coming out or going in, so that they open or close the gate for us. It feels like we’ve won a little jackpot! But after a recent spate of thefts and other unpleasant incidents, we’d like to ask Weald… Continue reading Gates

Eco-printing workshop – Sunday 15 September

Five participants 10:00 – 13:00 Cost for Weald Allotment Gardeners Association members £1.00. Cost for non-Association members £3.50. Participants will: Learn how to eco-print on paper Discover which flowers and leaves are good for different kinds of printing Go home with their own hand-printed papers. Mind the Flies: carnivorous plants workshop – Saturday 19 October… Continue reading Eco-printing workshop – Sunday 15 September

Update on Peter

As many of you know, Peter hasn’t been very well recently and on Sunday 21st he went into hospital for some exploratory tests. Sadly, he’s still there. He’s having more tests done today (26 July) and until then they are keeping him in. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have any news and… Continue reading Update on Peter

Weald Allotment work day – 26 July

This heavily-laden worker bee is our emblem for the next work day. We’ll be clearing some of the weeds and overgrowth around the perimeter of the shop/compound/memorial garden starting at 10am. While the Weald Allotments Committee members have decided that they will lead the charge in improving the site, that doesn’t mean that we’re exclusive… Continue reading Weald Allotment work day – 26 July

Allotment offer – free greenhouse!

A 150cm x 200mm full height glass greenhouse is being offered to any plot holder at Weald who would like it. It’s a year old, it’s been dismantled and the owner has a garden that backs onto the Weald site so collection will be pretty easy. If you would like this greenhouse, please call into… Continue reading Allotment offer – free greenhouse!

Late June Allotment tasks – feeding tomatoes

Given the hot weather, even outdoor tomato plants should be starting to fruit now. As soon as the first truss of fruit appears, it’s time to begin to feed tomatoes either with a specialist tomato food or a balanced liquid feed. Depending on the rapidity of plant growth, you may need to feed anything from… Continue reading Late June Allotment tasks – feeding tomatoes

Allotment Giveaway

On 22 June 2019, starting at 10am, we’ve having a giveaway at the Weald Allotment shop! As part of our commitment to renovating the building, we’re clearing out the kitchen – which really doesn’t look much like a kitchen, more like the back room of “Open All Hours”. Whatever we find that we don’t absolutely… Continue reading Allotment Giveaway