Weald Allotments has a long history – but now it’s time to focus on our present. We’ve started a blog to share information about allotment growing, and news about Weald allotments. We hope this site will be useful to the more than 400 allotment holders who currently have a plot on Weald.

Where is Weald allotments?

We’re in Hove actually, just off Weald Avenue. A gated allotment community that is one of the best kept secrets in the city of Brighton and Hove, we have a large, thriving allotment site with its own shop, toilets and car park. We also have many charity plots onsite from Grace Eyre to Plot 22 … where groups of people can work together to grow crops and enjoy the pleasures of community gardening.

Weald allotment shop

Our allotment shop is a well kept secret! It’s not just for allotment holders, the general public can come and buy from us too. We stock an excellent range of seeds, high quality compost and lots of specialist allotment equipment. We’re not generalists, like the DIY stores, so we’re not always cheapest, but what we buy is always chosen to be best on the long run: better quality compost, for example, produces better crops. And if you become a member of our Association (open to the general public too!) you get discounts on every purchase.


Shop opening 22 August 19

Just to let you know that the shop will only be open 10:00 to 11:00 tomorrow, as Terry has a prior engagement. And if you are popping in, why not get some gorgeous manure to enrich your soil – it’s just £2.5o for members and £3.00 for non-members!

Bake sale update

We’ve added up the final total from our wonderful cake sale and we made an astonishing £144.25! Once again, thanks to everybody who supported us, the wonderful bakers and the generous buyers, this really moves our plans forward and hopefully, you’ll all see some substantial changes to the shop very soon.

Weald Allotment Cake Sale

“Bake Off “eat your heart out!

A horrible burst of heavy rain made us wonder if we’d bitten off more than we could chew. At 09.59 we had some cakes … and no buyers. But we needn’t have worried. On the dot of 10.00 you all started to arrive, some delivering cakes and some eating them.

Beba receiving a beautiful Victoria Sponge from Eve

We were busy the whole three hours of the sale, with plenty of old friends and lots of new faces too.

The old maps of Hove were a real talking point.

This sticky marmalade cake was probably the shortest visitor – it arrived, was purchased and left within 60 seconds!

In total, so far, the cake sale has raised £111.15 towards the building fund which means that in the next couple of weeks we’ll be asking local firms to give us quotes on doing the work to make the toilets permanently accessible to allotment-holders.

Coffee, cake and a chat!

There are still some cakes left, so if you want to find out just how good the Weald’s bakers are (hint, they are very good indeed) then the shop will be open 10.00 until 13.00 tomorrow (Monday 19 August) please pop in, buy some cake and make a donation.

We had plenty of visitors from the BHOGG apple picking day

The Weald Allotment and Gardeners’ Association committee thanks everybody who made this first (but not last) cake sale a success. You are too many to mention but to pick out just a few at random: Sue for vegan chocolate cake which proved very popular, and Lou for the gluten-free Tunisian orange cake; that one sold out too. Beba for everything from writing labels to walking dogs and Heidi for bringing Beba along. Shelley for her fairy cakes – definitely amongst the prettiest cakes on the table today. Jean for the unglamorous but utterly vital work she did behind the scenes. Fergus for hoovering up all the crumbs. Alan for the delicious Discovery apples, Heather for the mizuna, and everybody else who brought down fruit and veg to give away. And above all Terry, for working the till, providing the bonhomie, and being the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Potatoes and onions – early bird prices!

Potato and onion pricing structure for Weald Allotment and Gardeners Association Members

Order and pay for your potatoes and onions before 31st September 2019 and buy at the Early Bird price


Early Birds Weald Association Members Non Members
Pink Fir Apple
£4.20 £4.70 £5.30
Arran Pilot
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
International Kidney
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
King Edward
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85
£3.85 £4.35 £4.85


Red Baron
£2 £2.25 £2.5
£2 £2.25 £2.5


Golden Gourmet
£2.25 £2.55 £2.85
Red Sun
£2.25 £2.55 £2.85

Peter update II

You’ll all be glad to know that Peter is currently home from hospital. He’s been in for a couple of scans today, and still awaiting the results of a biopsy – so he will definitely still have to go back for another operation. In the meantime though he’s resting at home and looking forward to getting back to the allotment soon! We’ve taken all your cards and gifts up to him and he says thank you very much.

Weald Allotment Cake Sale

Our next fund-raising event will be an allotment cake sale!

18 August – 10:00-13:00

Outside Weald Allotment shop

We can’t promise anything quite as elegant as in the photograph, but we also won’t be charging you a tenner for a cake! We’ll be offering tea and coffee too, and inviting people to look at the much improved surroundings which the committee, along with some amazing volunteers, managed to clear on our last work day.

If you’d like to volunteer to make a cake/some cakes for us to sell, please add your name and telephone number to the list in the shop. If you’d like to volunteer to help sell cakes and make teas and coffees, we have a list in the shop for that too!

The funds we raise will be applied to the building fund. Currently we have raised £277.58 and we’re hoping to start to use this money really soon. Projects the committee will be exploring include:

1.having a community area with tea, coffee and sofas

2. setting up a community fridge

3. giving people a key to open the toilets so they can be used outside shop hours!