Allotment Giveaway

On 22 June 2019, starting at 10am, we’ve having a giveaway at the Weald Allotment shop!

As part of our commitment to renovating the building, we’re clearing out the kitchen – which really doesn’t look much like a kitchen, more like the back room of “Open All Hours”.

Whatever we find that we don’t absolutely need, we’re going to put on tables outside the shop and anybody can come along and help themselves. We’d like people to make a small donation to the renovation fund (to help pay for new windows, better signs etc) but if you can’t, that’s fine – just please come along and see if there’s anything we’re giving away that you could make use of.

There will be all kinds of horticultural goodies on offer. And if you’re not an allotment holder, don’t worry – you’re still welcome to come and browse and maybe you’ll end up joining our Association and benefitting from the discounts (and experience!) on offer in our shop.

So – 10am onwards, 22 June, Weald Avenue, Hove … see you there!

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